Judging The Current Election Flair

I was sitting in the Veterans Affairs Medical Clinic waiting room talking about how to win an election and how to understand how an election is won.

You have to have a team that move around the country to sure up your weak spot without you having give instructions. You also must have individuals who have no direct contact with your campaign except they want to see you elected to office. I have been on both sides of what was just said. I been on a team of 10 to 12 people that moved around the campaign to sure up the weak spot. I and six other individuals during the 1970s took it upon ourselves to go to southern States to help an individuals run for office to gain African-Americans in office. We slept in parks and church basements and ate cold cuts, beef patties  and wieners cooked on a small portable B B Q  grill. We have done this off and on for the last 40 something years. I also know that individual voters will most often vote for the candidate who send someone to know on their doors. More often if you leave a list of candidates and issues you support they will most often take that list to the Polls and vote using that list. You can obtain all the publicity you want in the new but if you fail to ask or the vote you will not get it. This is what you will see in the up coming primaries. There have been a plenty of ” Jaw Jacking” in this run up to the primary but very little asking for the vote. Please go back and check Mr. Obama’s run for office you will find he often in his speeches ask for, plus told them he needed their help and he wanted their votes. The sense that we are all in this together is missing in this campaign season and it will influence how the independents vote.

Let’s keep our eyes on the South again in this election. There were things that I saw in the last election call out to watch or them. I did not totally lose because the issues won , the candidates did not. Let’s see how the candidates for office fair in this election. I am not  going to make any predictions because of what going on this time, I have never seen before. I am watching for some serious changes to take place in the South in certain areas. Watch the States of Mississippi, Missouri and Louisiana.

Are you Looking Back to see your Forward: You Better

To see how rank and file employees come to todays situations and must go back to the mid 1970s.They said raising the minimum wage would destroy jobs and put many employees out of work. What happen then was many employers cut the employees to part time and pocketed the profits. This is when the those at the top made million and the rank and file was cut back. The computer age soon followed and the big guys made even more profits. If you remember the big food chains was advertising job openings and there was strong competition for employees. Over the years the general citizens in order to get a job have stabbed those complaining about job conditions in the back. Many of us were willing to accept poor job conditions as a chance for employment and forced the person complaining to lose the jobs. Public Officials were willing to force American companies to lower their wages so they could get foreign companies to build in their area. I hope you notice they are all built in southern non union States with various levels of employment and pay. This could not be done without the citizens in those States allowing it to happen. What this was the willing to allow the companies to pay them less and destroy the wage levels of those who had fought hard to gain middle class pay. Some companies were willing to close their companies and move them overseas than to pay a good wage or to sell their company to an overseas company than to supply and good clean health work place. Some investment companies took advantage of this to make large profits breaking companies up into pieces and selling individuals parts to overseas companies. They did not care for those who lost their jobs in this country. Some of this country fall back jobs were sold overseas so those laid off had nothing to fall back to. This one of the reasons no matter how well this country is progressing those would have fallen back to those fall back jobs got caught with nothing to hold onto. These jobs were normal vocational, skilled and tech but they too had been shipped overseas. This is where we are presently. The Global economy will hurt those not in a job or looking for a job . Good hunting.

The Penal system and Tougher Laws not the Answer

You are growing up taking a look around you and all the world you see seem to be doing just great except the one you live in,What do you do? You look for a way out but all avenues in your world you observe are against you and those who fight hard to get out and manage to do so are not much better off than you. You look up and down your street and throughout your neighborhood everyone is struggling to just survive until tomorrow. Parents and members of families have banded to together to make a life out of nothing working two sometimes three jobs just to say they have a place to stay. Public officials afraid to mention the words poor, under employed and unemployed and other seek to see how damaging or how punitive they can make the current social safety net to your efforts to pull yourself out of the hole or ditch you are in. You say you can not pull yourself up by your boot straps when there are no boots straps to pull on. Well, a simple argument that should have been settle by compromise lead to a fight and then by guns being fired which lead to murder.

The exclamations in the public sphere is that crime is on the rise and we must get tough with more policing and tougher sentencing. We must go back to shaking down the individuals in these communities and violate their constitutional rights and that will solve the problem. No, this is not the answer. What I will ask you to do for me is take a look down that very same street and tell me where is the recreation center for the youths on that street or in that community. I will also ask you where is that simple resource called a grocery store for fresh food and vegetables so the head of the family can put a decent meal on the table after a hard days work. If we just simple work on improving the quality of life in the neighborhood we solve the stress that lead to the fist fights which lead to murder. Now, of all the proposals I have heard I have not heard one that call for small business development. So, why don’t you sit down and talk to the few small businesses of color that exist in those areas and ask them concerning the struggle they went through and how you can expand small businesses of color in the area. When you see others succeed it you hope that you can succeed all beit you are just age 16. The person that’s going to hire the sixteen year old youth of color is a small business owner of color thus will be able to influence him/her that there is hope of them being even better. Let’s us work on improving the quality of life in those neighborhoods of high crime rates because penalizing them and throwing them in jail is only temporary and improving the neighborhood is long lasting.

This time last time and now

Over the last two decades we have either out sourced or sold our companies and product manufacturing plants to overseas sources. Now we are wondering where are all the jobs. I wish all of you that bought into outsourcing and sold the idea that it would not hurt the national economy will now tell everyone that the hole we see in the economy as good as it is the lost of those outsourced jobs.

The last time we had a big down turn in the economy many of the laid off turned themselves into entrepreneurs and created home based businesses and sold themselves to the public. We had plenty of Windows and Apple hardware and software applications giving aid to those who set out on their own to make own way. This time we do not have the software applications or the hardware. What we have plenty of Smartphones applications but very few lend themselves to developing a business or becoming a self promoting entrepreneur. I will guess there are some six  to eight million individuals between the age of 60 and 65 high school drop outs that would have been able to transition to some of those jobs that are now out sourced. Now, yes all we had to do was to talk many of them into getting a GED and I bet over fifty percent of them would be employed now. Another thirty percent if they stop refusing to learn how use a computer in the past years would be employed now. So, you see most often if you observe closely the attitudes adopted by the majority of those affected by the down turn in the economy from the beginning you can see how most individuals don’t feel comfortable with the economy situation as it exist now. Those old jobs that was assumed to fall back jobs or jobs that you could get if you wanted too is no longer there. A high school diploma was a sure bet to a fast food job but not now. Today you need a high school diploma plus some experienced  skills or knowledge to make into a job or career.

It is my opinion that this summer will prove to be the game changer going forward in the economy. You can observe the normal everyday activities of families and individuals to see if they take a trip or visit park. A weekend day trip is a sure sign of growing confidence in the economy. Let’s see how the slowly rising salaries do over the summer months. This fall should be a great time for businesses. I predict the summer to be even with growth in the fall of the year. All in good health to you.

Civics *** Willing to go All In

I have lead marches for public assistance claimants fair treatment, government employees collective bargaining and unionizing,change of a college to university status and increase of African-Americans in city, state, federal and local governments. Yes, marching bring attention to a problem but it does not change the problem. To change the problems you must get civically involved. Once you make up your mind that there are problems in your community that need to be change you yourself must be willing to go all in to change the problems. You deciding to go it all is not a problem but yourself and three to five others are the most effective method of involvement. Research and document with valid data what you are trying to do and welcome all challenge to your efforts. Now, if you feel you are right you must be willing to lose but keep going on going to accomplish your goals. From the beginning you must be aware that it can take you from five to ten years to accomplish your goals. State Statues, Public Laws, and city and county ordinances must be change by local assemblies. To accomplish these changes you must be familiar with the local Assemblies Rules of Orders and how to use these Rules of Orders to reach your goals. You should learn the history behind the rules, laws, statues or ordinances you are trying to change because the history of the items can cause you to win or lose. Why? There might be a court order or suit that brought about the items existence. Therefore, it might take a court order or legislation to change it. Example: It took five to six years to get the college change to university status and another twenty five years to receive full funding as a university. To me the fight was right and well worth it. I have realized this in several other efforts on the part of fighting for Public employees benefits. It took ten years to get Missouri Administrative Officials to give some of the requested benefits by public employees unions to the State Employees.

Let me restate my premise: Once you make up your mind you must be willing to go all in to accomplish your goals. Yes, you could be the difference believe it or not as to how well your community does and how good it is to live in.

There all the time

Before the Event we put more emphasis on how much budget savings we could do. The lives and careers of young African-Americans males was of no concerns. Now we have all the suddenly appearance of programs to help them. I personally wouldn’t  give a penny for the longevity of any of these programs because they are developed in politics. We need permanent programs aimed at those coming out of  high school having done everything correct but not going to college ollege. This is how you solve Ferguson.

The Catfish : Freeman Scott ; Black Jack, Missouri on the confluence of the Mississippi & Missouri Rivers

Just A Short Note

The justice Department has turned in it discover report. What do we do now. The remedy we have already. The President has proposed using Community Colleges. The answers I believe lies in our expanded use of Community Colleges. We have had programs in place that prove to work but no matter how good programs we tend to cut them in budget cut backs. We need to stop cutting working programs because of budgeting.

Progressives Show yourselves

I keep hearing about thirty progressives but I can not find out who they are and what issues they plan to push. Where are you headed in 2016 and what issues are you pushing? Where were you in the past election? I remain disappointed at the actions of some Democrats during the last election. I didn’t vote for or support the Democrats that ran away from the President.

We don’t need any new for August 9th

We have all the resources already in place to fix the Ferguson Event. All we have to do is take look at our attitudes since the 1970s. We have pushed academics and non- vocational directions for making a career in life. When we have done so we ignored those coming out of high school not interested in college or could not afford college. This left a large segment of our society without support. What occurred in the recovery are most of jobs available that pays a decent wage are in the vocational area. The resource needed are Community Colleges use to sustain communities. Over the last decade or more we just ignored those who were looking for a career coming out of high and not going to college. That is why we established the community college system. Let put our efforts behind community colleges to sustain our communities by promoting them to those coming out of high school not going to college. We should urge local
business to take advantage of colleges to upgrade their staff and to find needed employees. Then it on the individuals to take advantage. Let’s our efforts where they are more advantageous in the long run and get a very good return on our investment.

The Catfish : Freeman Scott ; Black Jack, Missouri on the confluence of the Mississippi & Missouri Rivers

Good by 2014 Hello 2015

I had a good year in 2014 in this blog. I was criticized for not writing often enough. I pick up followers on Twitter I hope you would have registered on the Blog. Hope you enjoyed the holidays and best of luck to you in 2015.  Yes, I have been persuaded to write more in 2015. Thank you for listening to me.